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No matter what people tell you,it's still possible to fine cheap airfare these days.在错误的票价之间,闪存销售,getting creative with your options,and collecting points,there are a few ways you can make flights more affordable in 2018.

Ignore the hype

There are a lot of urban myths about booking cheaper flights.Book on a Tuesday.Use an incognito window.Book at midnight.In truth,there's no magic bullet to getting a good deal.

Don't be too anxious to book

While we all know that booking last minute doesn't lead to flight deals,booking too far in advance doesn't do you any favours either.Airlines set their base seat prices far in advance and prices tend to fluctuate before hitting a sweet spot and then climbing.Generally,2-3 months out is a good time to book your flights.I like using Hopper to help with predicting when that sweet spot will happen.

Be flexible with dates

I'm sure you've heard this one before.It's not new advice.While I understand that not everyone has the luxury,being flexible with your travel dates can save you hundreds of dollars.Prices on any particular route vary by day of the week,临近节假日,已经卖了多少个座位,还有更多。

据说,it's typically cheaper to travel in the middle of the week (Tues-Thur) and a day or two out from when most people would travel for a holiday.

Try different routes or airports

This is one of my best tips for finding more affordable flights.Flying to London?Don't just search for Heathrow.London alone has 5 airports to choose from.纽约有3个。Tokyo has 2.Keep your search open to all nearby airports to your destination and you may find a sweet deal.天空扫描仪有一个方便的选择自动拉到附近的机场为您。

Along this line,try looking for nearby cities as well.If you want to visit Miami,check out flights to Fort Lauderdale as well.看看连接火车和公共汽车等交通工具,确定哪些城市适合你的旅行。Perhaps it's cheaper to fly into Dublin and take a bus to Limerick than it is to fly into Shannon airport.

Consider booking two legs

I've used this technique to save hundreds on flights before.I wanted to fly from St.John's,NL to Slovenia.It was actually cheaper for me to book a flight to London and then book a second flight on a European budget airline to Ljubljana than it was to book a single itinerary from YYT-LJU.

This thinking can be especially helpful when flying to places like Europe or Asia where there are more budget carriers than in Canada.把你自己带到一个中心,然后寻找交易。

Though it's rarer these days,sometimes looking for two one way flights is cheaper than booking a single return.它总是值得一看。

Collect points

One of the ways I routinely save money on flights is to收集飞行里程.I mainly do this by using a branded credit card and putting all of my purchases on it (always paying the balance monthly).I'm not a hard-core travel hacker but I manage to at least get myself one or two highly discounted flights every year this way.For fellow Canadians,followRewardsCanada.ca获取有关奖金交易的提示和提醒。

Keep an eye on deal alert sites

I belong to one mailing list that sends out deals for my particular airport.I've seen big savings come through that way and it saves me from having to monitor sites myself.Others likeThePointsGuy.comand航空看门狗网站will also alert you to sales.Sign up for a few of these newsletters and be prepared to pounce when they find you a killer deal.