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With travel planning I like to start by figuring out the big pieces and then sort out the finer details.For me,那些大件是交通和住宿。Once I know how I'm arriving in a new city or two,I need to know where I'm going to lay my head.

Depending on your trip,你的住宿很可能是假期预算中最大的一部分。So you want to make sure you get it right.你想要一个合适的地方,一个合适的位置,一个合适的价格。Where to start?


It used to be that if you were travelling,你当时住在一家旅馆里。No question.Those days are gone,我的朋友。Now,在预订假期住宿方面,您有更多的选择。First step in booking,know what you want.


旅行标准.You generally know what you get here.A private room with one or two beds,你自己的浴室,每天都有人打扫你的房间。They're often located near attractions and restaurants.


If you're looking to save money on a trip,you can book a single bed in a hostel dorm.You may or may have towels provided.您可能会或可能不会得到一个储物柜来存放您的行李。你得和别人共用浴室。But it's cheap and you can meet new people.

Did you know that many hostels also have private rooms that you can rent?So if you want the hostel experience but want the privacy of your own room,this can be a great compromise.


床和早餐往往是典型的房子。They may be in suburbs,small towns,or rural areas.You get a private room,often with a private bath,and breakfast served in the morning.There's typically a common living room where you can relax as well.They're cozier than hotels,比旅馆贵。很多时候,B&B的主人也住在房子里,这样你就可以获得更私人的旅行体验。

Vacation Rentals

如果你和一群人一起旅行或者需要去厨房,由于酒店尚未提供许多实用的服务,度假租赁仍然是最受欢迎的选择。affordable alternatives.虽然这个概念早在Airbnb之前就存在了,they're now大多数人想到的in this category.你可以租一个完整的地方,也可以租别人的空房间。

注意:一定要研究目的地的短期租赁规则,因为有些城市比其他城市更具限制性。In New York,for instance,现在禁止短期租赁整个单元,although they continue to be listed.


If you're flexible on location and timeframe,but short on cash,housesitting might be for you.When homeowner,尤其是宠物主人,travel they need someone to keep an eye on their place and their pets.That's where you come in.You get to stay for free in exchange for a little housekeeping and pet minding.This can be a good way to explore different parts of a country away from the tourist hubs.


最后,如果你只需要一个地方住几个晚上,同时想见见当地人,couch surfing might be for you.名副其实,you may end up sleeping on the couch,但这不会花你一分钱。Couch surfing is about community so if you're an introvert who just wants to sleep,shower,and leave while avoiding people,this might not be your thing.


Now that you've decided what kind of accommodations you're looking for on your trip,you need to nail down what you want to pay.Most 万博PT娱乐destinations have a high season and a low season and prices fluctuate accordingly.例如,纽芬兰的旺季是6月至9月,哥斯达黎加是11月至2月。

如果你想节省住宿费用,consider travelling in the shoulder or low season.

Get Familiar With the Neighbourhood

经常,when I'm looking for accommodations in a city I'm not familiar with,我会在谷歌地图上画出所有的景点,餐厅,and sights I want to see on my trip.然后,我看看他们是否倾向于聚集在某个特定的社区。Generally,accommodations right in the centre of the city tend to be more expensive but if you can find a place a short transit ride away you could end up saving a lot of money.My own personal limit is about a 30min commute.As a bonus,你可能也会睡得更安静。


Another way you can save money on your accommodations is tocollect and redeem travel points.This would require you to stay at hotel chains rather than independent boutique hotels,B & Bor other alternative accommodations,but can get a great cost savings.It's best to pick just one hotel program (SPG is a good option) and concentrate your earning there.Keep an eye out for bonus offers by following sites like The Points Guy or Rewards Canada to really maximize your point collection.


最好使用聚合站点预订网阿古达to review and compare all the available accommodations for your trip and to get an idea of prices.But once you settle on an option,try contacting them directly (especially if they're independent) and asking if you can get a better rate by booking directly.Accommodations providers would often rather give you a deal than give a commission to an aggregate.Worst case scenario,they say no and you book for the rate you already found.